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Sam’s Adventures - Chapter 2: Life Jacket Discovery

Complete (1 Part) Sam, LifeJackets, S/F, Non-Explicit

By amagi420


Two months had passed since Sam had returned home from the trip to visit her extended family down south. She still couldn’t stop thinking about what it had been like to be strapped into the car seat. Helpless and vulnerable...but safe, snug and secure all at the same time. She had enjoyed it immensely and was dying to try it again; or something similar. Unfortunately there was nothing like it around. Sam consoled herself that before much longer she would have her own place and then she could but a car seat and keep it hidden away but close at hand. Of course that meant getting her life figured out but that was another matter.

That weekend Sam went out to the cottage with her parents to enjoy a nice summer’s day. Her father asked her to grab a beer for him out of the boathouse. It was as she was entering it that she noticed for the first time something she had know was there all along. She had even worn it long ago, yet had somehow entirely forgotten about.

Against the wall opposite the door was covered in a huge assortment of lifejackets. She had know they were there, but had never connected them to the car seat. What made the connection was the appearance of several long straps hanging from the back of several jackets. Sam couldn’t be sure but she thought she knew what those were for. Her hands felt clammy and cold and her heart was beating fast, as it had been when she “tricked” her aunt and older cousin into strapping her into the car seat for a second time. She wanted badly to run over and get a closer look, to see if she was correct about the jackets but her father would wonder where she was and it would look strange for her to be examining the lifejackets in the boat room. Sam tore her eyes away from the jackets and grabbed an Alexander Keith’s from the fridge leaving the boathouse to deliver it to her father.

Sam was wearing a two piece swimsuit and a pair of short white cotton shorts. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she lay pretending to read while awaiting a chance to slip away unnoticed. She was dying to get back to the boathouse and verify her findings but it was an agonizing 45 minutes before she was able to slip away again.

Finally her mother went up to the cottage to start cooking dinner and her father was napping in the hammock. Sam slipped away, heart beating wildly and made her way down the steep dirt trail to the boathouse. The door creaked loudly as she pushed it open. She was no longer rushing but was moving slowly, afraid that what she had seen was an illusion, or that she had been otherwise mistaken. She slipped into the boathouse; closing the door as softly as possible. Her eyes snapped back to the long straps hanging below several of the jackets. Too long for anything else she thought. She hadn’t been wrong. Her heart leapt, but she forced herself to remain calm until she knew for sure. She crept around the side of the boats to the far wall, moving fast now, and knelt, pulling a jacket from the wall. The strap hanging from it was long and ended in a fastex buckle. She examined the front of the jacket and found the receiving end, pointing down, but the jacket was small, meant for a child. Tinny actually it was infant sized at best. She dropped it and slid down to examine the next. It was also tinny. The next seemed to be adult sized but had no long strap. She was suddenly worried that only the child and infant size vests would have the strap, that would make sense she thought, she had seen life jackets with straps between the legs before but never on a grown up. But she had come this far, she had to make sure. She went through several more; then, finally the next was big and had a strap, longer event than the others. It was really big. Big enough for her. It had a collar with a grab loop at the top and a heavy zipper in the middle. The vest was yellow on the outside and blue on the inside. A single strap around the middle, and the buckle hanging in the front with the long strap hanging in the back. The label inside read “Mustang Legends Teen-Adult 90-180 lbs”

Sam had been planning recon ONLY. She just wanted to know if it was what she thought, but now that she was here, she knew she had to try it on. But not here she told herself. If someone walked in she would die of embarrassment. She wasn't exactly sure why, but she knew she had not seen many other girls her age wearing life jackets like this. Like a thief she pulled the jacket from its peg. She had to remove and replace two others to do this as they shared the peg. Now she was really shaking, she had never been so nervous yet so excited before. With the jacket in hand, Sam slipped into a small side room used as a storage closet for things they never used and closed the door shut.

The storage room had an extremely low roof causing her to move bent over slightly at the waist and had to duck her head. It was crammed with stuff and there was barely enough room to fully turn around. There was a small skylight to provide light. Taking a breath she wasted no more time and slid her left arm through the hole in the jacket. Her bathing suit left her shoulders bare save a thin strap and her back was similarly exposed. The feeling of the nylon jacket against her bare skin excited her more. She quickly slid her right arm though the other hole; causing the jacket to make contact with her back and shoulders and wrap around her sides. With a feeling of trepidation and excitement Sam closed the two halves and sealed them together by pulling up the heavy zipper. The sound of the zipper reinforced the feeling of being sealing into the jacket. Sam pulled the buckle closed at her chest and the loud “snap” almost made her jump. She looked around listening to hear if anyone was coming. She tightened the waist strap until it was nice and snug, better securing the jacket to her skin. Finally, she bent over and reached between her legs to grab the dangling strap. Suddenly there was a loud “BANG!" Sam froze--the strap in her right hand, she was breathing heavily. She was going to be caught. She didn’t know what to do. Run or hide. "BANG!" She dropped the strap and almost fell over squatting behind an old pile of tires to hide "BANG!" "BANG!" She suddenly realized what was making that sound. It was the boat. It was hitting the dock. Another boat must have gone by and their wake was rocking the boat banging it into the side of the dock. Sam smiled, relieved she wasn't caught and let out a small nervous laugh while crouched in the corner, still wearing the vest, but not fully secured, with the long strap dragging behind her like a tail.

Sam reached behind her feeling along the back of the jacket until she found the beginning of the strap. Her hands moving down and along the bottom of it until she found the other end of the strap. She slid the strap between her legs and took it with her other hand, it SNAPPED into place loudly. Sam lowered herself so she was fully sitting on the wooden floor. She pulled the loose end of the strap and it tightened it against her. Slowly she lowered herself and stretched out so she was lying on the floor on her back. The strap was very tight now and she bent her legs slightly so it was not too uncomfortable. She lay there for several moments unsure what to do. The jacket was tight and her head rested on the hood like a pillow. She let her legs stretch out a bit more and then bent them back when it was uncomfortable. The jacket was a new sensation from the car seat, it didn’t restrict her motion. It was simply there tight and present and protective but not holding her in place. She wasn’t sure which she liked more. All she knew was that she liked it.

Sam rolled over onto her stomach. The front had more padding and held her up off the floor. Her legs were out straight now and she couldn’t bend them but she didn’t mind too much, she lay that was for some time more, squirming a bit.

Finally she decided to try something else. She couldn't remember the last time she was in the water with a life jacket on. She wanted to try it in the water and see what that would be like. She rolled back onto her back. Shifting a bit to accomplish this in the tight confines of the closet she raised herself into a sitting and then crouching position. She slid forward to the door. She knew the smart thing would be to take off the jacket, hide it in a corner, and exit the room as though she had been looking for something incase someone was in the boat house, but frankly she didn’t want to take it off. She held her ear to the door. The oversized collar of the jacket pressing against it in the process. After hearing nothing, she poked her head out, the collar still raised comically behind her head.

When she saw no one she slipped out of the closet and moved to sit on the edge of the dock. She thought she would lower herself into the water and then slip under the dock where she would be hidden if someone came in. Sam dipped her toe into the water. Despite it being summer it was quite cold. She didn’t want to risk a splash. The sense of thrill and excitement was building again. She slid her butt forward off the dock and began to lower herself down. Her arms braced against the dock to support her weight. Her legs hanging straight down. The water was cold and gave her goosebumps as it slowly climbed up her legs and then her thighs. She had to push her hips forward a bit to get the jacket clear of the dock and then her arms were at their limit. She had to turn around to lower herself the rest of the way. She didn’t know why she had tried to lower herself down facing forward in the first place. She raised herself back up and started to turn but suddenly slipped and fell back. Her head banging against the boat with a loud thud. Thankfully, the collar provided some padding and softened the blow. She then hit the water and went under.

The blow disoriented her and she was starting to panic when she felt the jacket wrapped around her begin to pull and draw her in a direction, upwards. She broke the surface and gasped for air. The jacket held her securely and safely, wrapped tightly around her. The flotation collar popped up behind her and supported her head. She closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. Letting her limbs go limp and enjoying the feeling of floating on her back. The feeling was fantastic, she was happy she chose this life jacket with the extra dangling strap and the large collar, otherwise she might have really been in trouble. In the water the lifejacket was a whole new thing. Normally it is quite easy to sink in water, but the jacket held her firmly at the surface. More than that it constantly tried to roll her onto her back at a slight angle. Sam rolled around and kicked with her legs, as through trying to find something to stand on. Her legs could find no purchase in the deep water but the jacket strapped around her held her securely, keeping her head above water. Sam’s arms were crossed in front of her gripping the thick foam on the front of the jacket. She squirmed in the water as those trying to wriggle free of the Life Jacket, comfortable in the knowledge that it was bucked onto her torso securely and wouldn't come free as she rolled and kicked about.

Suddenly Sam hear the door to the boat house creak open. Without thinking Sam tried to duck underwater only to have the jacket resist her attempts. The boat was between her and the door, Sam manovered herself up next to it, hugging the hull and trying not to breath. Maneuvering herself toward the front of the boat near the door out to the lake.

“Sam you in here?” That was her father as the light clicked on. Sam used the hull of the boat to push herself under the surface and kicked off the boat underwater. The lifejacket yanked her body back to the surface as soon as she let go of the hull but she had just enough speed to clear the door. Sam broke the surface just outside the Boat house. Now she had to swim around to the beach to get out of the water as the ground here rose at a steep angle to a small cliff.

Sam’s heart was beating after her near discovery but it wasn’t enough to make her forget the jacket. She rolled onto her back and began to kick, swimming slowly around to the beach. Twisting and squirming in her jacket as she went.

A few moments later Sam approached the small beach, her mom was standing right there, presumably also looking for her. Sam floated around the corner for a moment unsure of what to do. She considered removing the jacket but then what? She couldn't let it float away, and it would be even stranger to swim up dragging a lifejacket in hand. After a moment's thought Sam kicked off the shore and swam a little ways out before turning to round the bend and achnologing her mother's wave from the water. Sam’s heart was in her throat as she went over her explanation in her head. “What’s with the lifejacket honey?” “Ahh just didn't want to drown.” the words sounded feeble in her mind.

Her mom walked down to the beach to greet her.

“Did you not hear us calling? Dinner is ready, where have you been?”

Sam wanted very badly to stay in the water as she slowly got to her feet in the shallow water. The lifejacket pouring water out. “Ah I went over the Ava’s, I decided just to swim over” After an awkward pause “I was kinda tired and had a couple drinks so I decided to wear a lifejacket”

Her mom looked more annoyed than suspicious much to Sam’s relief.

“Ok well will you let me or your father know next time? We have been looking everywhere for you”

“Ya of course, sorry I didn't think” Her mom gave her a bit of a look at that before leading her up to the house. Sam unclipped the jacket as she walked, making a detour by the boat house, her legs sharking a bit still. Knowing it would not be the last time she tried it on, but next time she would be much more careful.

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