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Sam’s Adventures - CHAPTER 1: First Experience

Complete (5 parts) Sam, Car seats, F/F, Non-Explicit

By amagi420

NOTE: This story does NOT contain a lifejacket at any point. I am including it just because it is part of the same series. If that is not ok or people are not interested just let me know and I'll remove it.

PART-1: A new thing

It was mid-December and Sam and her family were visiting family down south. At the end of her teenage years and entering young adulthood sam was starting to crave independence, but was still very cooperative and helpful around the house, never complaining about a choir or intentionally causing trouble. She was small for her age standing just under 5 feet and was a bit annoyed at always being labeled “one of the kids” still, despite being far from a kid. But she had come to terms with it. Sam’s parents had been quite old when they got together and Sam being an only child (although her mom was now pregnant 2 months with a younger sister) was left the youngest of her cousins by far, most of them had kids of their own, some closer to her age than her actual cousins.

They had driven the 4 hours to the city where Sam’s mother’s family lived the day before and arrived late at her aunt’s house who was putting them up. Sam’s uncle owned an RV dealership and had a huge garage at home full of old broken cars and other antiques. Her aunt had been a young mother and stay at home mom until their kids grew up and moved out and now ran a daycare center out of her house so the place was full of baby proof barriers and kid’s movies and such things. This day care service was heavily utilized by the rest of the family and the hordes of children that accompanied it everywhere it went.

The morning after arriving Sam’s parents as well as her aunt and uncle had left for the mall to do some shopping and have a last peaceful lunch before “The horde arrived” Sam had been invited to join them but being a teenager she had opted for sleep instead. She woke up about noon without bothering to change out of her PJ’s (they were fleece one piece Pajamas with closed feet that her aunt had made for her the year before) and went to her aunt’s kitchen to make some toast (this was common practice for their family) after eating she went back downstairs to watch some TV after sorting through the channels and piles of movies and ended up watching a kids film about a lost dog that almost made her cry.

Around 4PM he parents called to see if she wanted to come with them to her cousin’s place now or in an hour or two with her aunt. Sam looked down at herself still in her PJ’s with her hair still tied up from sleeping and told her mom she needed at least an hour still.

Sam stepped out of the bathroom 20 min later freshened up but still in her Pj’s and still with her hair up to the sound of the front door opening and her aunt calling her.


“Down here” Sam called.

Her aunt, Debbie, came down the stairs; she was doing pretty well for her mid-40s one of the benefits of having kids young Sam thought.

“Your mom told us you needed a ride. Are you ready to go? Were running late”

“Ow, my mom said you would be going for an hour or so, that’s why I didn’t go with her. I not dressed or anything” She held out her hands to demonstrate that she was still wearing her pajamas

“Where running quite late so if you need to change do it now, but you should be fine, we're just going to Amanda's place,”

Sam debated it for a moment but she didn’t really care there family was close and it wasn’t a big deal, the only thing that bugged her a bit was being thrown in with the younger kids but there wasn’t much she could do about that anyway and she didn’t want to hold her aunt up any more than she had already.

“I guess I’m fine”

Sam followed her aunt up stars and put her winter coat on over her Pj’s and her winter boots on her feet before following her aunt to her van where her uncle was waiting. Suddenly her aunt stopped mid step in the driveway.

“Oww shit” Swearing was very out of character for Aunt Debbie.

Sam waited her aunt appeared to be counting silently in her head.

“Ted?! Are Amanda’s kids coming back here with us after?” (Ted was Sam’s uncle in law but she thought of him as her uncle)

Ted clicked his tongue and nodded realizing the problem. Aunt Debbie was at the side door of the van looking at the seats, there were currently a variety of car seats occupying all of the available seating in the back of the van. Sam’s aunt turned to her and sighed.

“Sam honey would you mind riding in a seat? I know you wouldn’t normally of course but I can’t take any out as I’ll need them later tonight to haul all the kids back here after dinner, and it really isn’t safe for any of the younger kids to ride in a normal seat belt.”

Sam was a bit thrown

“I dunno like I would but am I not a bit big, wouldn’t it be unsafe?”

“Oh no!” Her Debbie jumped in “I have the frontier 85 your mom gave me a few years ago I would never ask you to ride in a seat that wasn’t designed to be safe for someone your size” Sam recalled the frontier booster seat her mom had had her in it until she was 14 due to her small size, she was fine with that seat.

“ow ok I guess” She debated fighting it more but it was a long drive and she didn’t want her uncle to have to make it twice anyway.

Sam followed her aunt to the door of the car.

“Are you 100 lb's yet pardon my asking?”

Sam shook her head “95 ish”

“Ok good just making sure, right up here dear”

Sam stepped into the van, it was quite high up and a big step, her aunt helped her by taking her arm unbidden.

Sam stopped when she saw the seat, when she had used it as a teenager it had just been a booster seat but now it had a web of black straps hanging off of it.

“Is that the seat?” Sam asked hesitantly

“Yes, I suppose you mom just used it as a booster; the straps are removable but I use it with younger kids so I put them back on”

“Ow ok” Sam figure her aunt would proceed to remove the straps hanging from the seat.

“Are you going to take them off or?”

“We actually don’t need to, you’re at the upper limit but you’re still ok.” Sam balked, taking a half a step backwards, surly her aunt didn't seriously expect her to ride in the seat strapped in like a baby. Riding in the booster seat was one thing, but this was a whole different matter.

“Could you remove them tho? That’s just a bit weird, I mean I’m ok with sitting on the seat with a normal seat belt but that’s a bit much.” Sam had taken another small step away from the seat but was now up against the back of the passenger seat, unable to retreat further.

“I know it’s a bit odd Sam but It would take me the better part of an hour to take them off and then put them back on at the other end, there's no seat belt on that middle seat so I would have to switch it with one of the infant seats on the sides, and then switch them back again later. All just to appease your sense of teenage embarrassment.”

Sam was far from convinced and was getting a bit distressed by her Aunt’s apparent insistence, how could she seriously expect her to ride strapped into a car seat?

“Samantha please, we are very late and everyone will be waiting for us to eat, I am very tired and not in the mood, are you going to get in the seat or not?”

Sam opened her mouth to protest again staring at the web of black straps. but then closed it and exhaled a deep breath. She couln’t beleave her sunt was insisting she do this. Sam turned around lowing herself into the seat. Her aunt smiled

“Thank you Sam, you’re a dear”

The seat was extremely soft, the straps where all underneath her so she had to sit up to pull them out. Sam started trying to adjust all the seatbelts that made up the harness. She could see the harness had two shoulder belts that went down over her chest and then off to the sides to form a lap belt. The two straps came together and buckled into a third strap that came up between her legs towards the front of the seat. It was simple enough, she had seen these kinds of seats enough to understand how it worked, however, the seatbelts would not fit around her correctly and she was having a difficult time with the whole matter.

"Here Sam, let me help you." Sam stopped messing around with the seat belts and allowed the older woman to just do it for her. The problem she was having was not that she didn't know how the harness fit, it was that it was too small. The car seat was adjusted for the kids her aunt drove around. Needless to say Sam was a fair bit bigger. Her aunt made a few adjustments. Sam just sat in an awkward silence as her aunt worked around her, letting a fair bit of slack out of the straps.

“Ok arm though here please hun”

Her aunt held up the right side of the harness and Sam managed to slip her arm through. That strap now came down over her shoulder and lay on her chest, she shifted slightly as her aunt leaned across her, still more than a little uneasy with the situation.

“Ok and this side” Her aunt repeated the process on Sam’s left. This time Sam caught her arm on the harness slightly and had to lean a bit to her right to get her wrist through. Once through however the straps, amazingly, left plenty of slack for her aunt to do up the buckle. Sam sat up in the seat as her aunt took the strap between her legs in hand and snapped each half of the harness into it. She was technically now buckled into a child's car seat harness. She could not believe this had happened. To Sam’s further embarrassment her aunt took the adjustment strap in hand and pulled, taking out the slack in the straps. The harness pulled in around Sam changing the sensation completely. Up until this point the harness had been an awkward idea, now it was very much a reality, the straps pressed into her shoulders and waist, she couldn't move her torso at all, her aunt yanked a final time snugging the straps down over the girl so that they pressed into her pajamas and held her firmly in the seat. Finally, she fastened a clip that laid across the top of the girl’s chest at about her armpit level that kept the two shoulder straps together. At this point Sam’s face was a bright shade of pink, she shifted around in the seat a bit, trying to get used to the sensation. She felt like she wanted to get out and move, the idea of being really restrained was not something she was used to. Even knowing she could push the button at any time and release the straps didn't help. It was incredibly awkward to be strapped into the seat, normally Sam’s instincts when embarrassed would lead her to leave the room or at least walk away and hide her face, but she was stuck there, held in place. Sam closed her eyes and took a breath, relaxing herself.

She had ridden in this exact seat not more than a few years ago and the warm cushy fabric and high panels on her left and right where very familiar to her, but the harness straps crossing over her upper body where a totally new sensation. A normal seat belt was so low impact it was easy to forget you had one on at all, that was far from the case here, the straps over her shoulders pressed her tightly into the seat back, the lap belt and the strap between her legs kept her but pressed back into the corner of the seat and prevented her from slouching. Sam had expected it to be uncomfortable but that was far from the case, she was finding the experience to be rather pleasant and found herself missing her old seat a bit, it even smelled familiar to her, up until she turned 11 she had ridden it it as long as she could remember, tho she had been in a booster long enough to not recall the feeling of being strapped in like this.

Her aunt climbed into the passenger seat as Ted started the van and began to back out of the driveway.

“You ok back there?”

“Ya, it’s actually pretty comfy” It was, she did have to admit.

“A lot of the kids say that, that seat is one of their favorites”

Sam blushed again at being reminded that she was in fact in a seat meant for young kids. The drive to her cousin’s house would take around 45 min Sam realized she was strangely glad to have that long to be in the seat. She tried to wriggle around a bit, exploring the restrictions the harness put on her. The strap between her legs was quite tight against her and just as it prevented her from slouching the shoulder straps held her down and prevented her from sitting up, she couldn’t even shrug when she tried that, she shifted her legs back and forth wiggling her bottom but couldn’t really change her position at all.

“Sorry about that” Sam looked up to see her aunt had caught her wriggling around.

“Is the leg strap a bit uncomfortable? There’s a pad that normally provides a bit of cushioning I had it off for some reason tho, it didn’t even occur to me”

“It’s ok “Sam smiled to confirm the statement “I’m just shifting a bit, not used to being held down like this” Sam bucked a bit against the straps to demonstrate her point. Her Aunt laughed.

“Maybe it should be standard procedure for teens, help keep them under control”

“ya maybe” Sam agreed, It didn't seem the time to remind her aunt that 18 was not really a “teen”.

They spent the remainder of the drive talking about what she had been doing over the last year and how school was going, they hadn’t gotten to talk much yet having only arrived late the night before. Sam wriggled around from time to time but not out of any real discomfort. Finally they arrived at her cousin’s house and pulled into the driveway. At this point Sam wasn’t really embarrassed about the seat anymore but it wouldn’t have mattered if she did as her mother and her mom’s sister Amanda were standing in the driveway when they pulled up and walked down to the car to greet them. Her mom burst out laughing when she saw how her daughter had ridden over, Amanda just smiled and shook her head bemused. Debbie Stepped out of the car and explained how Sam had been good enough to ride in the seat to save them the time of making two trips as the younger girl attempted to unbuckle herself from the seat, it took her a few tries but she did manage it on her own and the harness fell away from her. Sam felt a bit of regret, looking back now that it was over the experience had been quite enjoyable. She shook off the straps and extracted herself from the seat to stand in the driveway with the older women, wondering if she would ever get to ride in a seat like that again, silently she promised herself she would.

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