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Lifejacket lovers from holland

Zijn er mensen in nederland actief met een reddingsvest fetish?

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We have a ponton in the city (kieler Förde) were you can lay down and have a bath ( deep water).I have 3 of my lifjackets to start to test them and make Fotos.Then a child(13) look at it and ask me if

I start to test my diy lifejackets in a public swimming pool, I saw a person in water who hold a disabled child in hands.And I saw that they leave the water during the wave period. Than I swam to the

Complete (5 parts) Sam, Car seats, F/F, Non-Explicit By amagi420 NOTE: This story does NOT contain a lifejacket at any point. I am including it just because it is part of the same series. If that is

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