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Celebrating 355 members and welcome to @KinkySplash

@KinkySplash (pictured) is member #336 of LifeJackets.Club. She is a fetish model and self confessed LifeJacket fan. Check out her post here, a few more photos in the gallery  and socials on Twitter and Insta - I promise you won't be disappointed. 


If you've visited the site anytime recently you'll notice there is not a lot going on.

Reason is my personal situation changing during 2018 and having to focus on life and employment; not only have I not been active here I have not been active in the groups either.


So what about 2019?  Lifejackets.Club will stay here as a viable alternative with changes in Flickr/SmugMug occurring, as well as things like Article13 Copyright discussions. 

Day to day updates will keep happening occasionally and as anyone posts; while the other groups and communities function I don't see this as a bad thing.

As always if someone wants to volunteer some time/admin skill to taking over the day to day's they're most welcome.  The Forum section could certainly use a change from a forum to a board type discussion but I don't have the time.

Thanks for all the new members and old friends for being faithful. 

Pic of the ........

Lifejackets.Club - A safe place for Lifejcket fetishists and community members to share.

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